Considering something new

6 thoughts on “Considering something new”

  1. hi wendy, just wanted to share a few things that might help you figure out if you want to dip your toe in.

    10 steps to getting started with PBH —

    PBH Kids — a blog sharing authentic kid-directed projects —

    and our FAQ —

    let me know if you have any questions, i’d be happy to help!


  2. I am taking Lori’s master class on project based learning right now, and it is great. We have made changes to our schedule and environment to facilitate projects. We are doing tons more hands on work as a result. I think we still have more to develop, but it is definitely worthwhile. I enjoy spending time watching and helping my kid do her work so much more than before we started.


  3. Hi Wendy! I was interested in your post because I believe that I have been doing project-based teaching all along and didn’t know it! I homeschooled my Kindergartener last year without purchasing a curriculum. I just pick a theme and then find different activities to go with it, making sure that I am covering every subject as I go. This year I have opened a cottage school because I have had so many interested in my style of teaching. Let me say that every child loves it! Give it go! I have seen so much creativity unleashed through my students in the last year. What age are your children? I’d be happy to help you out in any way.


    1. Hi, Christa! Thanks for the encouragement! We have decided to give it a shot and see how it goes. My kids are 12 and just turned 10. We’ve been homeschooling for almost 3 years now, and I think we’ve changed up how we’ve done things every few months. lol I’m thinking this might be what sticks, though, because it seems like it will work so much better for us.


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