Deciding to end a friendship

One thought on “Deciding to end a friendship”

  1. I think that sometimes its just easier to back away from people and see what happens. I think we are all in a rush to either be friends or not be friends with people and make decisions right here and now. But, really you don’t have to. In situations I usually just back away and give myself time to see what I want. I look at it this way, people are just what they are. You can either accept it or just move on. You can’t change people and if they aren’t good for you, you don’t have to be around them either. If these are people you will still have to see I wouldn’t make some drastic change where you tell them you aren’t friends anymore. Just back up and give yourself space. A lot of the time people just move on with life and you don’t even realize it. I wish you the best of luck!


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