Challenges and obstacles?

7 thoughts on “Challenges and obstacles?”

  1. Coming to terms with pulling my son out of public school to homeschool him. Everyday he hates going to school. He always asks if he can do it at home. Im a stay at home mom, and i also do childcare during the day.


    1. Have you pulled him yet, or are you still struggling with the decision? Most parents feel worried, but once they do it, they feel it’s the best decision they ever made. Do you feel you’re struggling more with the decision because you do childcare as well?


  2. Planner is a must, totally agree! I used to have a separate lesson planner, but I was forgetting to either fill it out or look into it, so now I just mash it all together in one.
    The biggest challenge as of right now is to keep order and have our day progress smoothly. We have too many people in the house during the day( grandparents are in for a looong visit) and no separate classroom. Minimizing distractions is the biggest hurdle to overcome.


    1. Mashing it all together in one, for me, made it far more difficult (I think). I haven’t actually implemented my new lesson planner yet – we start back next week. But I’m hopeful that it will make a difference for us.

      I know what you mean about too many people – I know a lot of people who will go to the park to “do school”, but we can’t because my kids will be completely distracted by all the other people who are there and what they are doing. Luckily, at home, most people respect that we have school and try not to interfere unless they really feel they need to.


      1. We can’t do parks at all. Only a very solitary grove in a local garden and only for a little while. Library is a little bit better, but I don’t see us being there the whole day. Granparents are trying to stay out of sight, but it seems as long as my kids know they are right there they’d want to go to them for one reason or another.:DD
        Good luck with your lesson planner, hope it works great 🙂


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