The evolution (and death) of a friendship

2 thoughts on “The evolution (and death) of a friendship”

  1. I’m sorry you had to go through this.
    I learned over the years to let go with a smile. Every relationship teaches us something and I try to be grateful for that. Luckily a few of my friendships that fell apart in recent years did so naturally, we just stopped needing to be friends and drifted apart.
    I teach kids that it’s ok not to be friends anymore, and that there is no use forcing it if it doesn’t work. Homeschooling definitely helps, they get to see more different people plus it’s easier to avoid the awkwardness.


    1. “Every relationship teaches us something…”

      That’s what I’ve been reminding myself. In this particular instance, the lesson (or one of the lessons) is that you have to do more than scratch the surface to know whether or not you and someone else really have anything in common.

      I can’t say that I’ve experienced it being less awkward due to homeschooling, yet. lol But it has proven valuable in showing the kids that friendship is, and should be, based on common interests and a genuine liking of each other, rather than proximity and a shared lack of interest in school – and that’s definitely been a good thing. I’ve seen the difference in their friendships, a different depth to them that wasn’t there when they were in public school.

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