Introvert or extrovert?

6 thoughts on “Introvert or extrovert?”

  1. For introverts, a ‘wired’ universe may be seductive; an indoor existence can seem to be a viable option. The world is literally at our fingertips. Considering the measurable benefits of social interaction, I think the temptation to stay home (I can relate to that!) needs to be resisted. Striking a balance, as you try to do, is a good idea.


    1. Yes, it’s quite tempting to stay home. I think part of what makes online interaction so tempting is the fact that it can be done on my schedule, you know? A real conversation with people requires immediate responses, where online you can take time to think of what you want to say or even to calm down if your immediate reaction is angry or hurt.

      It’s a bit more work, I think, to try to find that balance, but I also realize that becoming a complete hermit is not healthy for myself or my kids. So I feel it’s worth it – and they say that doing things outside your comfort zone is good for you and helps you grow as a person.


  2. I am very introverted, my oldest is in the middle leaning towards introverted and my youngest is leaning towards extroverted. We are in sync more or less (I realize it might change later on too). Luckily both kids are finally old enough, so I don’t have to stick around for playdates. We do scheduled outside activities for kids, but I don’t hang out with parents that are waiting if I want to be alone. I usually know what type of events we can handle without ending up crying out of exhaustion or having a splitting headache, so we do what we can and what we can’t we’ll do next time. It mostly means no huge crowded events and limited museum visits on busy days.


    1. I think sometimes I irritate some people because they’ll want to, for example, go to a local park on a Saturday that I know will be absolutely packed, and I say no. But I’ve learned what I can and can’t handle and I don’t want to exhaust myself or end up in a mood where I snap at my kids.

      I actually did a quiz the other day that said there are different types of introverts, and indicated I’m an anxious introvert. I can definitely believe that because aside from hating crowds in general, I hate public speaking, and I’m always uncomfortable around people I don’t know – and I mean really uncomfortable, to the point where I’m almost positive I come across as rude. I hate feeling that way, but I’ve yet to figure out a way to change it that doesn’t make me look like I’m being fake – and I think that would be worse.

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      1. Totally get it about offending people. We had to say goodbye to a few friendships because we couldn’t keep up with their ideas of having fun (i.e. crowded entertainment center, or party with 10+ families that starts at 8 pm and goes on past midnight).
        Interesting about types of introverts, I do have a lot of anxiety as well, thus moms clubs is a “no” for me. I used to feel bad about it, but not anymore. I don’t think it can’t be changed and I see no point in forcing myself. I saw a funny bag the other day “Introverts united, we are here, we’re uncomfortable, and we want to go home.” Real friends understand, people I will never see again don’t have to understand, so if I’m among strangers I keep quiet and wait until I can leave 😀


      2. “We had to say goodbye to a few friendships because we couldn’t keep up…”

        Yes! And it’s particularly frustrating when they act as though we should just change to suit them. As you say, real friends understand, and that’s why I limit my friendships. Some people think it’s strange that I have relatively few friends, but I’m quite happy with it.

        I love that quote from the bag. I would totally want one, except that extroverts would use it as a conversation starter. 😀

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