School is in session…please disturb us

8 thoughts on “School is in session…please disturb us”

  1. Wow, your post speaks to me on so many levels. I am fortunate in having friends that are homeschooling too, so they know what’s up, but the family is a whole different story. Especially those that are far away. They want to Skype, they want to go places together, so I have to remind, remind remind until I go hoarse. Need to work on enforcing the boundaries for sure 🙂


    1. Many of our friends homeschool, too. But we all use different methods, so naturally we have some unschoolers who do things spur of the moment or have no “schedule” to stick to, and others who use virtual schools with strict schedules.

      My family is actually quite supportive, for the most part. My parents love that I homeschool the kids, and have even told me that they don’t want me to ever put the kids back in public school (which is fine, because I have no intention of doing that).

      Definitely keep enforcing those boundaries. 🙂 Eventually they’ll realize you mean it and back off – and if not, well, eventually the kids will graduate. 😉

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      1. Oooh, I know but one unschooler and they have their own crowd and don’t usually go after those with schedules.
        I giggled at “they wiil graduate”, and suddenly it doesn’t seem so distant 😀


      2. We tend to be what I call eclectic with our homeschooling. I don’t use a boxed curriculum, but piece together one that works for us. We tend to be a bit “unschoolish” about some things, so I think that tends to stand out to some people and they just make assumptions after that…and we all know what assumptions lead to. 😉

        Graduation…yes, I have one who is 14. Sometimes I’m so tempted to revert to 1st or 2nd grade so I can keep him longer. I resist that urge, but sometimes it’s hard. Then he speaks, with the voice of a man, and I realize that those attempts will be futile. He will still grow up and move on, only with the idea that his mother is crazy and has issues with letting go. Probably not the best lesson to teach. 😀


  2. same here about eclectic homeschooling and I can see how it can send mixed messages to people.

    Wow, 14, almost there. Why do they grow so fast as soon as they hit 5, after that it’s just like a bullet train…


    1. Yes, we’re way too close to adulthood for me. Sometimes I don’t feel like an adult, so it’s really hard to imagine that in just four short years, my own child will be one. I still remember so clearly every detail of finding out I was pregnant, and the day I went into labor, all my pregnancy cravings – those memories should fade more so it’s easier to accept their impending adulthood.


  3. Amen amen, amen! I had to deal with this a lot this week, as the rest of the neighborhood was on Spring Break, but ours was over. Thankfully, I only had to tell the boys’ best friend once. They were super respectful.


    1. The odd thing I’ve noticed is that it seems the kids are more respectful and understanding than the adults, most of the time. I would expect kids to get upset, whine, demand, whatever, but they seem to just shrug it off. The parents seem to be the ones to take it personally and get bent out of shape.


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