Personalities and how they can help your homeschool

2 thoughts on “Personalities and how they can help your homeschool”

  1. Very interesting! This test seemed true when I took it myself, but kids haven’t taken it, and now I’m super curious how it will turn out. I remember even coming across a book that talked about parenting and personality types, but I completely forget what it was saying, it is called Nurture by Nature.


    1. I was a bit surprised at some of what mine said about me, but overall I thought it was pretty accurate. I was very surprised when it indicated that one child enjoyed being the center of attention, because from what I’ve always seen, he enjoys friends but not necessarily being the focus. My other child, however, I would have expected to see center of attention in his results, but it claimed he’s an introvert like me.

      I think it will be interesting to see if I start to notice these new things now, or if I continue to notice the same things.


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