Do you NEED a curriculum?

2 thoughts on “Do you NEED a curriculum?”

  1. We are stepping farther and farther away from a pre-set curriculum each year, it seems. Our home option program lets us borrow the materials, and so far the only one I am consistently using is math, but I feel that it might change next year as well. Indeed, like you said, internet resources are abundant and libraries are extremely helpful, it became easier to make a tailor-made curriculum just for us, rather than just follow a textbook.


    1. I think reassessing and making changes each year as needed is a great idea. When we first started homeschooling, I skipped the curriculum mainly because I knew I couldn’t afford one. But I quickly realized that a curriculum wouldn’t have worked for either of my boys, with their ADHD. It turned out that doing our own thing was absolutely the best thing we could have done. I know quite a few people who’ve told me that either (1) they bought a curriculum and ended up not using it because it didn’t work for them so they felt they’d wasted money or (2) they bought a curriculum, discovered it wasn’t really going to work for them, but kept using it because they’d spent the money on it and felt they had to. That’s why my personal recommendation would always be for someone to give it a shot without a pre-set curriculum, not to save money, but to see what really works for them. Getting an idea of how your kids learn best (workbooks, textbooks, hands-on, online, visually, etc.), can at least help you determine which curricula you want to cross off the list of possibilities, if you do still want to get a curriculum.


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