“Sorry, gotta bail!”

One thought on ““Sorry, gotta bail!””

  1. Most of the field trips we participate in now are organized either by our home option program or a homeschool group that has a rule of giving people notice in advance if something is being cancelled. They also require advance notice if someone can’t make it or no money back. I am very glad they do. They have a rule of deliberately stating start time at least 30 minutes before the actual time, so the late arrivals definitely make it. They do pay for everything in advance too, so if a coordinator isn’t there or is late, people at theater/museum know such and such group is coming.
    I had experienced abrupt cancellations from smaller groups before, so I don’t do it anymore and probably won’t in the future. I got my money back eventually, but it was a hassle. Most of the times we go on our own anyway, unless it’s really tempting, like a place that does only group tours or theater that makes it very cheap. We like to go with dear friends (one or two families maximum) too. Friends cancelling on us is fine as long as it’s at least a couple of hours in advance, we then decide whether we proceed on our own or wait until our friends can join us. I don’t work outside of home and usually we are flexible with rescheduling in the a.m., afternoons are difficult because of extra curricular activities. I usually leave a couple of extra hours around a planned event, in case of traffic troubles or emergencies. If we can reschedule for later time, we do, if not, some other time. Kids are more understanding now that they’re older, although the little one can throw a fit every now and then. If cancellation happened and kids are terribly disappointed, we usually do something special or unusual to make up for hurt feelings (rent a movie and get a pizza, extra time in the library etc.) , but try not to make a big deal out of it, most of the times an opportunity to visit the place comes up again.


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