I’ve been slacking…

3 thoughts on “I’ve been slacking…”

  1. We are on break, too. Actually, we started a week early because of a cold running through the family, but it is what it is. I’m trying to drink in all the time I can for the next few weeks. This year we tried a program that is not working at all. It’s been draining and we are all in need of this month long break. Happy Holidays!


    1. I always find that by this time of year, I need that break, too. Even when things are working well. It kind of feels like you feel at the end of a long, hard, sweaty day at work: you feel icky until you get in the shower, but after the shower, you feel great. The Christmas break is my shower, and come January when I get out, I’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle things again.

      Have you figured out what you want to do instead of the program that isn’t working, or are you using the break to figure that out? (Hope the cold goes through quickly.)

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